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Wanted for Murder: The Escape from Brazil, the Release in Italy.

Amid the intricate twists of the legal system and international dynamics that cross borders, a story emerges that captures attention, invoking deep reflection on the nature of justice and the challenge of balancing complex situations. In the 1990s in a Brazilian city, a tragic event shook a family, bringing with it unanswered questions and an unfillable void. The murder of the family head, under mysterious circumstances, began a legal journey spanning decades, moving between different countries and cultures. As the life of the rest of the family continued, the question remained: can one truly escape their past? And how can the legal system ensure justice when geographical and temporal boundaries are constantly crossed?

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The Collaborative Choice

In 1995, in a South American city, a man was killed by his son over trivial reasons. The man died instantly from his injuries, and the son, along with the rest of the family, plunged into an unforeseen tragedy.

The deceased man’s son, then a young boy, became the center of attention for authorities. Rather than letting fear or panic take over, he showed significant courage and determination. Despite the chaos enveloping his life, he always cooperated with Brazilian authorities, demonstrating transparency and a willingness to help that were, indeed, commendable. At a time when many would have chosen to evade or hide, he chose the path of collaboration, answering all questions and providing information when asked.

But life, with all its challenges, didn’t stop with the tragedy. The desire to move forward and seek new opportunities, perhaps also to find a sense of normalcy, led the whole family to make a drastic decision. They left their beloved hometown, hoping to leave behind the pain and shadows of the past.

Over the years, the boy periodically returned to his home country but built a new life and career in Europe.

International Arrest Warrant for Murder

In 2022, almost 30 years later, the Brazilian Court issued an international arrest warrant for the now-adult man. He was arrested in Italy and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

n disbelief over what was happening, the man sought legal support from the organization of Attorney Alexandro Maria Tirelli, experts in international law.

Upon analyzing the case, the firm immediately filed a motion under art. 718 c.p.p., aiming for a less punitive sentence. In fact, the defendant’s conduct over the years had never raised any suspicion of flight. He was always reachable, willing to answer investigators’ questions, and always exhibited proper social behavior. Over the years, he established a family with two children and always worked honorably.

Extradition Treaty between the Italian Republic and the Federative Republic of Brazil

Under Article 13 n. 4) Lg 23 aprile 1991, n. 144 144 (ratification and execution of the extradition treaty between the Italian Republic and the Federative Republic of Brazil, Rome, October 17, 1989), the defense filed a motion for the client’s release.

From the arrest date, the country issuing the arrest warrant must apply for extradition to the International Affairs Department of the country where the person was arrested. Brazil likely forgot to file the extradition request within the legal timeframe, so the Court approved the release request.

Our Defense

Addressing international legal issues requires expertise and specialization. Our experience sets us apart, allowing us to provide first-rate legal assistance, wherever you are in the world.

If you find yourself, or might find yourself in the future, in a situation similar to the one described, the first thing to remember is that you are not alone. The law, despite its complexities, was created to protect and serve citizens. Even if you are far from home, in a foreign country with a different culture and legal system, there are laws and regulations designed to ensure your rights and safety.

However, it is essential to rely on a specialized lawyer who knows local and international laws and can guide you through every step of the process. A competent lawyer can make the difference between feeling lost and having a clear direction on how to proceed.

But beyond legal assistance, it’s also crucial to arm yourself with knowledge. Knowing your rights, procedures, and options available to you puts you in a position of strength. It allows you to make informed decisions and act proactively in your situation.

If you find yourself in an urgent situation, don’t hesitate: we’re at your service 24/7 at +39 335 705 9564 or on WhatsApp. If you prefer a more thoughtful contact, use our online form at the bottom of our homepage, and a specialized attorney, both in extradition-related matters, will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your options and outline the most effective defense strategy for you.

Key Points:

  • Brazilian Murderer Moves to Europe: A murder in Brazil triggers a series of international legal events, where competent defense can help resolve your case.
  • The Collaborative Choice: After the tragedy, the son shows courage and transparency, later relocating to Europe.
  • International Arrest and Jail in Italy: Three decades later, the man is arrested and convicted in Italy, but Brazil forgets the extradition request.
  • Complexity of the Extradition Treaty: Defense uses the Italy-Brazil treaty to obtain the individual’s release.
  • Importance of Specialized Legal Defense: The article underscores the essentiality of expert legal representation in transnational matters.

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