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Arrested in Italy, Serves Sentence through Social Service in Belgium: A Cross-border Success Story.

The arrest of a citizen abroad highlights a series of technical and legal issues that must be analyzed and addressed with the utmost sensitivity.

Every country has its own laws, but within the European Union, there are community laws that can lead to a more lenient resolution in favor of the convict.

If you have been convicted in a European Union country but in a country different from your place of residence, you need to consult a specialized lawyer. Our expertise and specialization allow us to offer top-notch legal services. We can provide legal assistance globally. For urgent cases, we are always reachable 24/7 at +39 335 705 9564 or on WhatsApp. If you prefer a less immediate approach, you can fill out the online form at the bottom of our website’s homepage to request specific legal advice for your case. An attorney experienced in drug arrest cases will contact you promptly to explore the best defense strategies.

From Belgium to Southern Italy: The Battle against Article 73.

In a quiet corner of southern Italy, away from the spotlight of major urban centers, a court found itself at the heart of a case that garnered significant attention. The courtroom, usually reserved for local matters, became the stage for a story that crossed national borders. A Belgian citizen could never have imagined finding himself at the center of a legal whirlwind in a foreign land. His story, rooted in Belgium, with family ties and a life built with dedication, clashed with a legal challenge that threatened to overturn everything he had built. A drug-related story involved the defendant far from his home country. Italian justice, for the type of crime he was convicted of, mandates imprisonment for several years, as established by Article 73 of the D.P.R. 309/90. Unaware of the differences in Italian laws and the consequences that could arise, the defendant found himself embroiled in a case that left him in disbelief and concern.

Legal Implications: Drug Arrest in Italy, Social Services in Belgium.

In a time of uncertainty and tension, the defendant turned to the legal organization of Attorney Alexandro Maria Tirelli, experts in international law and experienced in defending citizens arrested for drugs.

The in-depth study of the case, the realization that the defendant had acted without knowing Italian laws, and his impeccable conduct in his home country led the legal team to formally request the Italian Court to grant probation to the social service in the client’s country of residence, avoiding detention in Italy, as established by D.Lgs. 88/2016 88/2016 and Decision Framework 2008/947/GAI.

The request was clear: allow the defendant to face the legal consequences within the context of his life in Belgium, recognizing his roots, ties, and responsibilities there. It was a plea for understanding, flexibility, and above all, justice.

The Court’s Decision

In a courtroom, after hours of testimonies, documents presented, and legal arguments, the court finally issued its verdict. With a deep understanding of the defendant’s unique challenges and circumstances, the court decided to grant him probation to the social service. This outcome, resulting from a careful assessment of the defendant’s personal circumstances, the evidence presented, and the prevailing laws, considered the importance of the convict’s social reintegration and how it would be more effective in his country of residence.

Our Defense

Addressing international legal issues requires expertise and specialization. Our experience sets us apart, allowing us to provide first-rate legal assistance, wherever you are in the world.

If you find yourself, or might find yourself in the future, in a situation similar to the one described, the first thing to remember is that you are not alone. The law, despite its complexities, was created to protect and serve citizens. Even if you are far from home, in a foreign country with a different culture and legal system, there are laws and regulations designed to ensure your rights and safety.

However, it is essential to rely on a specialized lawyer who knows local and international laws and can guide you through every step of the process. A competent lawyer can make the difference between feeling lost and having a clear direction on how to proceed.

But beyond legal assistance, it’s also crucial to arm yourself with knowledge. Knowing your rights, procedures, and options available to you puts you in a position of strength. It allows you to make informed decisions and act proactively in your situation.

If you find yourself in an urgent situation, don’t hesitate: we’re at your service 24/7 at +39 335 705 9564 or on WhatsApp. If you prefer a more considered approach, please use our online form located at the bottom of our website’s homepage. And a lawyer specialized in both drug-related arrest issues and extradition proceedings will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your options and outline the most effective defense strategy for you.

Key Points:

  • Complexity of Arrest Abroad: legal challenges related to arrests in countries other than one’s own.
  • EU Community Laws: the significance of community laws for convicts within the European Union.
  • The Specific Case of a Belgian Citizen: a Belgian citizen obtains probation thanks to expert lawyers.
  • The Importance of Specialized Legal Assistance: the crucial role of lawyers specialized in international law.

Photo by Clay Banks